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If you are looking for free essays or term papers about Ernest Hemingway, you should be forewarned that while they do exist, teachers are on top of technology and know how to spot plagiarism from a mile away.

You can use these papers for reference or ideas, but you should never strictly copy someone else’s work.

I happen to like Mencken, but I don’t know more than two or three people in England who have read him, let alone heard of him.

I am dwelling on this ebb and flow between reputation and oblivion only to make a much-delayed point, that an entire conference on Ernest Hemingway, not to mention the existence of periodicals entirely devoted to him, in both senses, accords very well with my own opinion of his work and his lasting importance. Several people, familiar with my own work, find it surprising that I should be a Hemingway enthusiast. I am not capable of confronting this puzzle head-on, but I ought to confess that this will be a somewhat egocentric talk; I will try to explain something of why I got bitten by Hemingway and stayed bitten.

There were many people who would have cheerfully sacrificed Hemingway upon the graves of writers now long forgotten.

(The vagaries of reputation can be seen across space as well as time: in France after the war, and for a long time after it, one of the most highly regarded English novelists was Charles Morgan, who was comparatively little read in his own country; while the French, I am told, were thoroughly bewildered by the way that the English gave Albert Camus a stature hardly lower than Sartre’s.) Hemingway, or course, had fame as well as reputation, a public fame which no doubt worked against his literary reputation even as it made his one of the best-known names on earth.

I remember writing Runyon short stories in my teens, and a couple of Truman Capote short stories after I had left school, but I don’t think I got thoroughly bitten again until I was about 20, late for Hemingway.

The general influence of Hemingway’s style is, of course, much more pervasive than that of, say, Runyon or Capote. Writers have been trying to copy it for over half a century now.

The man was American born and raised, but often considered an international artist because of his love for places like Paris and Spain and the fact that many of his stories were set in foreign countries.

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