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” Students shouted out answers ranging from eight ounces to a couple pounds.She replied, “From my perspective, the absolute weight of this glass doesn’t matter. If I hold it for a minute or two, it’s fairly light.

” Students shouted out answers ranging from eight ounces to a couple pounds.

The moral: Many of us, after experiencing setbacks and failures, emotionally give up and stop trying.

Like the shark in the story, we believe that because we were unsuccessful in the past, we will always be unsuccessful.

As I got closer, I realized that the metal cage was in fact a small trap. “Well then, don’t you think your time could be better spent?

There were three turtles, unharmed, slowly walking around the base of the trap. If you don’t mind my nosiness, I’d love to know what you’re doing with these turtles.” She smiled. “Anything on a turtle’s shell, like algae or scum, reduces the turtle’s ability to absorb heat and impedes its ability to swim. She went on: “I spend a couple of hours each Sunday morning, relaxing by this lake and helping these little guys out. I mean, I think your efforts are kind and all, but there are fresh water turtles living in lakes all around the world.

She then put the shark on one side of the fiberglass and a new set of bait fish on the other. This time, however, the shark slammed into the fiberglass divider and bounced off.

Undeterred, the shark kept repeating this behavior every few minutes to no avail.As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the typical “glass half empty or glass half full” question.Instead, with a smile on her face, the professor asked, “How heavy is this glass of water I’m holding?If I hold it for an hour straight, its weight might make my arm ache a little.If I hold it for a day straight, my arm will likely cramp up and feel completely numb and paralyzed, forcing me to drop the glass to the floor.In other words, we continue to see a barrier in our heads, even when no ‘real’ barrier exists between where we are and where we want to go. After spending nearly every waking minute with Angel for eight straight days, I knew that I had to tell her just one thing.So late at night, just before she fell asleep, I whispered it in her ear.This experiment was repeated several dozen times over the next few weeks.Each time, the shark got less aggressive and made fewer attempts to attack the bait fish, until eventually the shark got tired of hitting the fiberglass divider and simply stopped attacking altogether. Those who spend time with computers and internet have become accustomed to reading the stories online. Reading short stories online is the best pastime for many people around the world.


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