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The child uses various materials and equipment in his activities. is drawing his pictures on top of a flat low-sized table.These include crayons of different colors, alphabetical letter-box, blade, and a pencil. From these activities, the 4-year old boy is learning the shapes of letters, sorting and classifying items into groups, shapes and colors that resemble every picture/item drawn and painted.

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The child is also developing self-esteem and autonomy out of his creativity demonstrated in the activities which makes the teacher to praise him.

Relating Jean Piaget’s Theory to the Child’s Behavior.

Child observation is a critical aspect in understanding child development.

Involving children in activities provides a good ground for observing them.

Although their car may not actually be the same shape or even color, the “static reasoning,” “egocentrism” and “focus of appearance” that dominates a child’s perception at this stage overrides their logical reasoning.

In his construction of the cognitive theory of development, Piaget emphasized the role of “assimilation” in the learning activities of children.

Piaget’s theory of development focuses on the nature and process of cognitive development in children.

Heposits that as children grow, they gain increased ability and capacity to understand their world.

This theory helps in the observation of children and consequently enables the teachers, care-givers and parents to learn how to create an environment that supports a child’s own cognitive development through interaction with the environment.

In case my three-sentence explanation didn’t clear it all up for you, here’s an article with more information about writing observation essays: The Observation Essay: How to Make More Brilliant Observations.


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