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The movie also touches on another subject which is confabulation which is a birth related disorder that involuntary produces lies in the mind and imaginative things without the persons awareness or willingness to deceive.Klara’s brother and his friend show her a picture of a penis and makes a joke about it, Later on this becomes the basis of her lie.What track he followed, what small food fled living from his fierce intent, we scarcely thought; still as we stood our eyes went with him as he went.

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Many people believe memory works like a recording device.

Memory works more like a Wikipedia page: You can go in there and change it, but so can other people.’’.

The lighting throughout the film is always light and warm, usually using yellow lampshades and decorative lights.

Whether it is artificial or natural light, it Color plays a great role in movies, each color has a significance and symbolism to it, when Lucas’s son called him in the middle of the night, Lucas had a red lampshade over him which signifies warning, when he is flirting with Nadia and having drinks with his friends, the lights are always yellow and orange which symbolizes warmth, joy, happiness, humor, energy and optimism.

‘fierce’ in contrast embodies power, strength and danger Further, the poet uses very intriguing and unusual word choice of verbs.

For example, “Quested, flickering and reeling.” These words are not the word you would think describes a snake or its movement; however the writer portrays them in a very interesting and effecting way.False memories are deformed and sometimes a memory can be made up and altered by other people or our minds therefore it can never be 100 percent genuinely stored in someone’s consciousness, this applies to all childhood dreams of anyone.Loftus help treat study some of these cases that was related to child molesting; both which led to the idea of the spectacular movie.A similar movie to this topic is This idea is seen where Klara-a lonely girl, lacking family intimacy and care- tries to tell every adult how she said something foolish and not right, but they pressure her or ignores what she says on the basis that it is her vivid imagination or repressing memories and choose to believe what they want to or what they fear.the director deliberately did not show the police interrogation to further emphasize that the point of the film is not one of thriller or mystery but it focuses on the trials and tribunals of Lucas and suffering he undergoes due to Klara’s foolish son moves the audience’s emotion by his relationship to his father and how he always believed that his father would never be capable of such a thing, it took lots of courage for his character to go up to Theo’s house and confront Klara in a way to let his anger out and try to clear his father’s name after he saw the injustice of him getting taken away by the police.often handheld camera or on a tripod for shots because the director tries to ensure the illusion that the world where the movie happens is manipulated to emphasize that the film is about everyday situations that might happen in someone’s life.The same technique was used in the famous classic movie ‘The Bicycle Thief’.It is impossible to find out what exactly was going through Klara’s mind, whether she was confabulating or a combination of false memories or wanting to hurt Lucas for thinking he ignored her but at first she looks aware she made it up, as the movie progresses she believes it actually happened because of the outside influences on her from the parents and the community.Scenes such as her talk with the psychologist they got for her and when she told her mother the truth that Lucas was innocent but her mother instead explains to her that her mind is blocking the memory for being too painful and choose to believe the false version of the story.This quote extracts the visual imagery in the poem, making the reader actually imagine the physical footstep being taken. Furthermore on the contrary, the first two lines of the poem suggest tranquility and peacefulness, by the use of delicate description of the atmosphere.However, what breaks this silence and peaceful mood is the ‘great black snake’.


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