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Another significant fact is that while the will refers to Burwell, John and Joe as his ‘servants’, he uses the term ‘apprentices’ when referring to Madison and Eston.

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His attempted solution to this was to place an embargo up on American shipping which was a very unpopular decision.

Thomas Jefferson retired to Monticello and died in 1826.

Not only did he note their relationship, he also said that Madison Hemings was their son ‘as any other fact, which I believe from circumstances but do not positively know.

‘xi As a resident at Monticello where Hemings and Jefferson resided, shows that he could have picked up on this information.

xii The Will of Thomas Jefferson shows the special connection between Hemings and Jefferson.

In the codicil to his will, he granted freedom to five slaves, and implies that their wives and children will receive their freedom.He suppressed any controversy over the lack of constitutionality for this purchase.He also served a second term wherein he was preoccupied with keeping the nation from getting involved in Napoleons wars.The Barbary Pirates had been harassing American commerce within the Mediterranean Sea and Thomas Jefferson responded by sending a naval squadron to fight them.Even though he had no constitutional provision He still purchased the Louisiana territory from Napoleon in the year 1803.xiii In 1998, Eugene Foster, a retired pathologist, performed DNA tests on the descendants of Thomas Jefferson’s family and Sally Hemings. The result of the tests was that Jefferson fathered at least one of her children. For example, on April 17, 1804, Maria, the daughter of Jefferson, died and both Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings attended her funeral at Monticello.On January 19, 1805, nine months and two days later, Madison Hemings was born.Those five slaves were Burwell Colbert, John Hemings, Joe Fossett, Madison Hemings and Eston Hemings. Colbert was Jefferson’s personal valet, and Sally’s relative.John Hemings was Sally’s younger brother, and Joe Fossett was also Sally’s relative. Jefferson not only freed these five slaves who were blood relations of Sally, but he also petitioned the Virginia legislature to allow them to remain in the state.


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