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A bad point regarding the cuisine is that it falls short of meal at times.

The managers need to take every step to make every appetizer available to the customers whenever the customers come within the mealtimes.

With the order of two hamburgers or sandwiches, the cuisine provides a full plate of French fries and a soft drink without any charges.

That is really a good thing and the customers like it a lot.

The second criterion to evaluate Nora’s Cuisine is the location of the cuisine.

The cuisine is just 5 kilometers away from my place.Ha and Jang (2012) argued that an important element which customers apply to evaluate service quality of the restaurant is an interpersonal relationship.Oliver (1997) stated that service quality is needed in creating customer satisfaction as it is the factor shaped by customer perceptions and customer expectations.Restaurant Evaluation Evaluation of the experiences plays a key role in taking perfect decisions regarding future.In this paper, I will evaluate one of my visits to a local restaurant named Nora’s Cuisine.The third criterion to evaluate Nora’s Cuisine is the price of food. The prices of hamburgers and sandwiches range from to whereas the prices of appetizers and pastas range from .5 to .5.Considering all aspects, Nora’s Cuisine is a good choice for the people who like to eat good food.The cuisine specializes in making delicious pastas, such as, Melrose pesto, Fettuccine Carbonara, Cheese Ravioli, and Rigatoni Special.Diners can use the facility to take their leftovers with them.However, in order to contain further the discussion, the study will focus on two organisations belonging to the foodservice industry. A comparative evaluation of their respective approach to the issue of employee health and safety vis-a-vis employee performance will be undertaken.The selection of the industry and firm to be evaluated rests on the supposition that the hazards and risks in food service industry affects not.....are allied to the services and products that are sold by the business (International Institute of Business Analysis, 2005).


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