Executive Summary Business Plan Outline

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There are templates formatted for Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and PDF.

The templates are designed to highlight only the important facts typically addressed in communications popular in technology, marketing, finance, and project management professions, as well as in research-heavy sectors like law, academia, and healthcare.

An executive summary might be a paragraph, a summary memo, or occasionally the first page.

When it is written well, it tells a story quickly and efficiently with a clear purpose.

It’s purpose is to pique the reader’s curiosity by presenting facts from the content it is summarizing.

You will determine the components of each executive summary you write based on the reason for writing it and your target audience.

Decision makers don’t have the time to read everything, and the average time an online user spends actually reading content is already at a premium.

If you’re creating business plans, project proposals, product launch presentations, or making a sales pitch, the executive summary is an opportunity to convey the most important aspects of your content to the reader.

Its format and length depends on the type of communication.

The executive summary is concise, typically one to two pages long, and presents the main points in a formal tone.


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