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You can have your own family tree custom-made and a coupon code is currently available for readers: The code ADOPT, will get you 10% of any purchase at least in the Shabby Ladybug store until July 31.For some super simple family trees you can download some options for nontraditional families at Family Tree Templates. Depict your family as a forest, with each person getting a different tree with their name/relationship on it. FACEBOOK_AUTH_URL = "/profile/login-national/facebook/"; PBSLM.

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We were told (and I do mean “we”—the assignment was, literally, for the whole family) to do it however we wanted (including as many or as few generations as we choose), with only one caveat: we were supposed to focus in on one individual “on the tree” and give some sort of “vignette” about him or her.

Like I said, I had already put a lot of thought into how to approach this when the day came.

But one thing that I certainly wish that I had beforehand were some actual real examples of how other adoptive families have successfully handled The Family Tree school assignment with their children.

So, in that spirit, and in the spirit of celebrating National Adoption Awareness Month, here is a close-up look at the J-M’s first stab at The Family Tree assignment~~~ We chose to focus in on incorporating two very special pieces of artwork that hang prominently on the walls of our house.

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Given how much time, energy, and sleep (specifically, lack of it) that I devoted to this project, I – as an adoptive mama – am pretty proud of how it came out.

It isn’t perfect, by any stretch of the imagination.

The bottom third depicted our ‘vignette’: a simple photo chronology of five generations of Mor Mor’s side of the family, including Kyle and Owen, with the tangible (and very real for K & O) focal point being “The Cottage” (where we spend time each summer). But probably I, more than anyone else, took great pride in the finished product.

In the end, we were all very proud of this project. Their teacher was thrilled with it (and it apparently raised lots and lots of interesting conversations in their class! Mostly I just felt so relieved to have found a way to pull it off so that it honored and celebrated both the complexity and simplicity of adoption.


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