Fashion Brand Business Plan

I'm Asian, I know how they think, and I know what they would want to shop. I suggest people use recruiters if you're young and inexperienced with the hiring process.

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Wang's two-year-old fashion label caters to women who are 5'4 and under.

PS offers a mix of trendy tops, dresses, pants, and skirts with sizes ranging from XXS to large.

Photoshoots cost a little bit of money, but you can also do it in a cost-effective way, if you don't require a supermodel or a super expensive photographer.

I will say that for less than $50,000 you can start [your own clothing line].

Through exclusive trademark licenses our Vision is that the brand Lao Wa will become an Aspirational Premium Brand, where the consumer is attracted of the brand itself more than the coupling to J-O Waldner.

Through a global exclusive trademark rights for Lao Wa in clothes, shoes, fashion accessories and perfume with a focus on Greater China, take advantage of the commercial potential of J-O Waldner’s sporting achievements created and the opportunity to initially capitalize on JO Waldner’s status and brand awareness in Greater China.If you don't know anyone, I would suggest starting with a factory that's near you, so you can regularly visit it. I email everyone most of the time, but we also have a public relations person that helps me to reach out to influencers that we've been working with over the past two years, who I love.[This is logistically important because] the fabric might not come as you expect it or when they do the grading, they might mess up the size and then that [affects] 100 pieces. I keep in touch with them and send them pieces every season.Ahead, Wang shares nine practical pieces of advice for anyone looking to become a fashion entrepreneur.We used Shopify, which is [one] of the cheapest ways.In my personal experience, it's really helpful that I have a business background.I think a fashion designer [without business experience] tends to think more from a design perspective, but I tend to think from a customer perspective [because I don't have that design experience]." Girls [want to know where to find these pieces] and [personally], I wasn't able to find [any brands out there] that worked for me.I saw that the Asian [fashion] community really needed service. [She was also] the graphic design, model, photographer, and social media person. I think it's very important to [launch your product right away] rather than plan for a really long time. The designer is definitely one of the most important roles in a fashion company, especially if the founder herself is not a designer.[For us specifically], we saw a need for [clothes that spoke to the petite community].I follow the blogger Extra Petite and if you go to her [comments], there are tens of thousands of girls asking, "Where did you find these petite pants that fit you so well?


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