Feminist Criticism Essay On Cinderella

Feminist Criticism Essay On Cinderella-22
Rapunzel is rescued from her tower and reunited with her handsome prince.

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Her handsome prince is right there to help her get away afterwards, meaning she can stand up for herself without fear of any further repercussions from her stepmother.

It’s a detail that isn’t present in the animated version of the film, nor the original versions of the story.

Beauty from acts like the perfect girl and daughter, and is rewarded by the beast transforming into a handsome prince.

Snow White is rescued from her wicked stepmother’s last attempt to kill her by the random, passer-by prince, and is restored to her royal status by marriage.

Instead of taking the abuse in passivity, Disney’s Ella finally takes a stand.

At the end of the movie, Cinderella has her escape, her way out of the abuse she’s been forced to suffer for all of these years.

The fact that she locks Ella up in her room when the prince’s envoy is about to arrive is also another good indicator.

By biding her time, Ella sets herself up for a successful escape and what seems to be the smart decision of riding off into the metaphorical sunset with her “Prince Charming”.

While Perrault’s version covers two nights, and the Brother’s Grimm follows a total of three nights of Cinderella and her prince interacting Yet, Disney would have you believe that not only did these two fall in love during that time, but that it was also the perfect, happily-ever-after romance, in a situation only driven on by appearances.

In reality, it shouldn’t be considered anything more than infatuation.


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