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22786 Issued in October 2016 NBER Program(s): Labor Studies Examining the performance of cashiers in a French grocery store chain, we find that manager bias negatively affects minority job performance.In the stores studied, cashiers work with different managers on different days and their schedules are determined quasi-randomly.When minority cashiers, but not majority cashiers, are scheduled to work with managers who are biased (as determined by an Implicit Association Test), they are absent more often, spend less time at work, scan items more slowly, and take more time between customers.

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If, by contrast, I enter the party believing that I’m good with people I don’t know and expecting to make new friends, I’m likely to be outgoing, engaging, and less apt to take a cold shoulder personally.

As a result, people will likely respond amiably to my friendliness and I may indeed make new friends.

The study of 43 grocery stores in France by Glover, Pallais and Pariente (2016) concluded that managers who show discrimination and bias against minority new cashiers (e.g.

North African names are associated with poor performance) interact with them less, and provide less guidance.

Within a sample of 79 interviewing tapes, they found that interviewers who have more positive impressions towards the candidates used more positive communication styles, talked about extending the job offer more openly, and provided more information about the job offer and the company.

Filling Paper Prophecy Self Term

Other example aspects of SFP in management are in the fields of performance management and training.These phenomena have great impacts on many processes in management.For example, Dipboye (1982) established a model which specifies the correlation of SFP and the employment interview.Let’s say, for example, that I’m going to a party where I don’t know many people.If I believe I don’t make a good first impression, or I worry that nobody will talk to me, I will probably enter the party acting awkward, anxious, and standoffish.You can sign up to receive the NBER Digest by email.Acknowledgments Machine-readable bibliographic record - MARC, RIS, Bib Te X Document Object Identifier (DOI): 10.3386/w22786 Published: Dylan Glover & Amanda Pallais & William Pariente, 2017.If you believe your project is strong and feel confident about it, you will probably write a strong, confident letter.More importantly, you will be motivated to find reputable agents who will be interested in your project and tenacious about sending out your queries.According to the author, stereotyping, prejudice, and expectancy which result from SFP create both cognitive and behavioral biases in interviewers’ behaviors toward the candidates and eventually affect the final evaluation.Dougherty, Turband, and Callender (1994) used Dipboye’s model as the theoretical basis for the study of first impressions and employment interview.


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