Grade 5 Homework

Grade 5 Homework-77
Remember they are abut nature and follow the 5/7/5 syllabic pattern. We learned about Haikus and wrote one in class together.

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I will print these on Friday and take them to the bank on Friday. We went over the main idea and details activity from the last time we met.

We learned about Haikus and wrote one in class together.

When finished with the test, the students either watched Liberty Kids, CNN10, or continued to work on their Current Event (due Friday). Teacher Appreciation cards are due tomorrow since I had a sub today. Brainstorm some spring ideas on paper so you can write two haikus.

Language Arts: (bellringer--Quakers) We finished the adjective paper and turned it in. We read an article in our textbooks on pages 416-423. Read at least 25 pages for a total of 75 by Thursday morning. There are 4 spelling city activities to complete before the test on Tuesday 5/28. The rough draft of these haikus are due the next time we meet.

We finished reading Chapter 8 Lesson 2 and took notes over the lesson.

We learned more about The Boston Massacre with a Near Pod activity.

Language Arts: (bellringer--pluto) We played Quizlet live today to prepare for the test tomorrow. Read at least 25 pages for a total of 125 this week.

Study the Greek & Roman Roots Quizlet and the vocab from Leonardo's Horse. Social Studies: We had a grade check and reviewed the 4 events that caused the Revolutionary War.

Get all library books in to my library and the school library. Language Arts: (bellringer--The Iran Hostage Crisis) We created prehistoric creatures out of clay to go with the story we read yesterday. I will print these Tuesday and take the to the elementary on Wednesday. When finished, we watched a Brain Pop on the American Revolution. If you missed MAP testing, we will start making these up Friday during wellness, intervention, and after school. Social Studies: We reviewed the Second Continental Congress. Read at least 25 pages each night for a total of 125. Social Studies: We completed a task card activity in class over the causes of the Revolutionary War. IXL--level 4--JJ10, level 3--LL8, level 2--VV4 are due Tuesday.

I will print these Tuesday and take the to the elementary on Wednesday. You still need to have materials to read--magazines, books, newspapers, etc. There are 4 spelling city activities to complete before the test on Tuesday 5/28. If you get them ALL correct, you do not need to take the final test! The ability to type a paper is a 5th grade core requirement We revised/edited them for the 4th graders to read. If you were absent, you will take it during wellness times, interventions and after school to get it done my the end of next Monday so I can get data organized. If you need help see me during wellness or after school tomorrow. Finally we cut out a magazine picture to use for a future project.


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