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He’s a shadowy figure (literally, a ‘’ [‘grim light’], (l. He’s descended from Cain, the fratricidal son of Adam and Eve, whose murder of his own brother sees him cast out by God and fated to wander the world in exile (Genesis 4. This gives the impression that Grendel is human, or at least humanoid, and we’re told that he goes on ‘’ [‘dark moor’], (ll. He eats his victims – bones and all – and fights without weapons or armour in frenzied attacks that leave dozens dead in his wake (ll. These details emerge in fits and starts over the course of the poem: always suggestive, never specific.

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As the poem concludes, Beowulf is seen as a seasoned king who is viewed by his people as a veteran guardian.

As a result of his heroic leadership, the Gaelic people enjoy profound peace as well as prosperity.

This is illustrated in the poet’s preference to concentrate on the exceptional exploits undertaken by Beowulf, typically the killing of brutal monsters.

Because of this deliberate omission, the reader grasps a very minimal understanding of Beowulf’s daily activity and the way he relates with his closest associates.

Similarly, the reader is only able to get a substantially sketchy picture of what Beowulf’s true feelings are.

The reason for this is because the purpose of the epic poem is to illustrate to its people the characteristics they are to emulate in their own lives.By all means, the writer must avoid repeating phrases used in the poem.Another hint to good essay critiquing is to highlight important issues, and then identify mistakes or inadequately addressed areas.Such students are likely to find critical analyses of literary works highly helpful.Thus, when writing a critical essay on a poem such as Beowulf, one should keep the language as simple as possible.Basing on the heroic nature of the poem, one would have expected Beowulf to put the safety of his men before anything else.On the contrary, Beowulf’s intent to defeat the monster supersedes his concern for lives of his men.However, considering that Beowulf’s heroism does not shield him from occurrences common to human beings, such as suffering, ageing, and death, it would have been better if the poet offered a picture of the human side of this apparently brave warrior, as well.Tips on critical essay writing: Some students find literature difficult to comprehend.Beowulf is an epic poem in which the plot is intended to portray the unique heroism of German warriors.As the poem’s main personality, Beowulf displays exceptional boldness and extraordinary strength whenever confronted by fierce enemies.


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