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I learned the expectations for writing that I will have to live up to for the next four years of my college career. Also, in high school, we would have weeks to pick a topic, create a thesis, outline the paper, write the paper, and then revise the paper.

Girls cracking their heads open to select the best dress.

The slow intimate dances and the build up to the first kiss- MAGICAL.

Since we knew each other very well, the parties were not chaotic.

The only challenge we had was the host’s parents showing up before the party was over.

However, if there is one moment that most of us would wish to relieve is the magical moment of the prom night.

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Boys coming up with creative ways of asking girls out for dates was very romantic.

Academically, I have learned many new ways to look at literature.

My high school teachers did not expose us to many literary theories or how to apply them.

During the boring calculus classes we would pass folded notes on all the latest gossip news in school. Everyone was getting pranked, including me and we would do it beyond the school walls also.

We would be giggling through all boring classes, without a care of what was being taught. We were also very cunning when it came to pranking our fellow students. In one instance, a classmate of ours decided to prank our substitute teacher. Sporting events were the highlights of the high school life.


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