High School Writing Assignments

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Creative writing can be defined as any type of writing that is written from a creative perspective.This could be fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, scripts and more.

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Between reading Shakespeare plays they may not understand and writing lengthy research papers, high school students may find English class boring.

Lots of lessons are centered around certain district or state learning standards.

Break up the class into small groups and give each group an article from a recent edition of the local newspaper.

After reading the article, have students discuss questions or opinions they have on the article.

Instruct students to include advice, as well as memories that they want to look back on, when they discuss the future "me" in this letter.

High School Writing Assignments

Teachers can even keep these letters and present them to their graduates in a few years when they leave high school.If your writing is engaging enough, your readers will have a difficult time putting it down.Granted, the work you write might not become a bestseller, but it could get you some pretty awesome grades and a whole lot of credit with your teacher.Of course, the best way to get to this level is to practice your writing as often as possible.Here are a few things you can do to improve your creative writing skills right now.If your students still have to take the SAT, have a day or week dedicated to test prep.Pass out lists of words commonly found on the SAT, then break the class into groups and provide each with a dictionary.Have your students write a letter to themselves in the future.Besides allowing students to reflect on their future plans and goals, it also allows them to take a look at where they will be.For instance, students enrolled in world history may want to write an article on the week's topic, or another favorite lesson.Invite students to the front of the class to share their stories to work on public speaking.


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