Homework Kindergarten

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Seeing that tear hit the page of homework for my tore me apart which is what prompted this post.

I love that you're advocating for your son by not letting him reach that point.

They also want the parent to read out loud to their child every night, which we do anyway.

If they sent home as much homework as you say, I just wouldn’t make him do it. This afternoon, my son was spelling out words and numbers with Smarties candies from his Halloween basket.

They will start introducing homework in 5th grade, so they’re ready when they hit middle school. Can you share any reputable sources on this, please?

I don’t really have any stats on how it’s worked so far, but I can say personally with my son, he tests a grade above in most areas. I'd like to research this more.edit: considering the downvote, I wanted to clarify I wanted more information not because I doubt what /u/tropicalstream is saying but because I don't feel like homework in kindergarten is beneficial, so my belief falls in line with those homework policies.

We do the homework together in the kitchen at the island while my husband cooks dinner.

I usually add on a little extra edutainment type stuff, like not worksheets but we write a story or play a math-heavy board game or something. So the assigned stuff is about 15 minutes but we probably do overall about 30 minutes of reinforcing learning concepts.

I asked his teacher at his conference this week for suggestions on how to do it.

I thought that would be a question she gets a lot, but surprisingly she just kind of shrugged and said that with her three boys, she just "found a routine that worked for her family."Is this normal in kindergarten?


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