Homework Should Be Banned In Schools

So basically they are expected to work, work, work all the time and it is said to do them good.

The reasonable amount of homework per day is at most 2 hours including all classes, written and oral tasks.

This is far too much compared to any reasonable expectation of human capacity, especially when it comes to kids.

It also goes against all scholarly data that show how much home working is safe and really beneficial for academic success.

"If there's not an appropriate response, follow it to the next level.

Is it the principal or whoever is the next in command.Students in the USA come home after a full school day and some necessary extracurricular and face another full 6 hours of work till midnight or past it.Teens are also expected to do sports, volunteering or socially meaningful things to be accepted to colleges.Usually that might issue – that might alarm us that there's some kind of learning disability or processing problem if it's really overwhelming or the teachers are just simply giving too much work," she said.Education is a key to hitting career goals, earning decent money and building a life you want. At the beginning of the 20th century, homework was not an issue because it was not widely assigned.But the real boom of schoolwork began after WWII when the Cold War threat was looming over the world, and specialists were needed to counter its possible outcomes.But nowadays, when the Cold War is a matter of history books, why do students carry the burden of the home task that disrupts their lives?The rest does no good to skills but does serious harm to kids’ health.The general rule is that kids need 10 minutes of home learning per year of study, so as they advance in school their load grows until this very cap of 2 hours per night.Are schools across the country going too far by banning homework?According to child and adolescent family therapist Darby Fox, yes. There is a point to homework and the right amount really is age appropriate," Fox said Friday on "CBS This Morning." Elementary school students have an average of around 4.5 hours of homework a week, while high schoolers get an average of about 7.5 hours, according to the Wall Street Journal and Department of Education.


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