How To Solve Statics Problems

(Answer: 98 N, 343 N) Problem # 3 The ball in problem # 1 is hung vertically from two strings. (Answer: 49 N) Problem # 4 A chain of mass 2 kg is resting on a table with half of its length hanging over the edge of the table. (Answer: 19.6 N) Problem # 5 A painting of mass 3 kg is hung off a wall with two strings attached to the top two corners of the painting.

Sometimes, however, there are clever solutions available.

They don't work all the time, but when they do we should use them.

Always carefully read through the problem to make sure you know what it is asking of you. Specifically, what you want to draw is something called a free body diagram, which is a simple visual representation of the object in question from the statics problem.

You'll also draw arrows showing the directions of all the forces and torques acting on it.


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