How To Write A Business Plan For A Bakery

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As a critical piece of any bakery business plan, the executive summary is used to introduce your bakery and give some crucial highlights.

The executive summary encompasses the most important points from each of the other sections and should give the reader, often a lender or investor, a sense of what is to come.

Other behind-the-scenes considerations: You should also include both short- and long-term processes for sales transactions and order management, whether online or in-store.

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It has become essential to cut through the noise and get the word out about your business, so use this section to outline your marketing efforts.

This includes any plans for: This portion of your business plan should shine a light on everything that’s going on behind-the-scenes that makes your bakery the best that it can be.Use this section to give information on the types of goods and services you will offer and your rationale behind them. Don’t just mention that you will offer cupcakes; give flavors, colors, and any other detail that can help the reader almost taste your vision.Also include some of the necessary logistics like location, any specializations, your bakery’s description and mission statement. Maybe you have items that are of your own invention or perhaps it’s your theme that makes you stand out.You will need to justify the demand for your business in its particular location.Address any competition in your area and keep in mind that depending on your market area, your competition might not just be other bakeries, but supermarkets as well.To help you begin to form a picture of your customers, take a look at local census data.Also, take into account if you can rely on both local traffic and tourists as this could affect your bakery at different times of the year.It might be helpful to define your “ideal customer” here.Just because you know that your bakery will offer the best selection of gluten-free cupcakes in the city, doesn’t mean that your potential customers do.This section also gives you the opportunity to breathe a little more life into your business plan.While you should have bios that include the usual education and experience, you can use the management team section to demonstrate your team members’ passion for your bakery and the strengths they bring to the table.


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