Human Resource Management Research Papers

Membership in the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration: Membership in the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration gains you access to HR Pulse Magazine, a quarterly journal covering cutting edge avancements in practice and research on healthcare industry HR.

The International Journal of Human Resource Management: The International Journal of Human Resource Management prides itself on being the top journal on the market for human resource management scholars and practitioners.

Human Resources Management Journal: The Human Resources Management Journal is a scholarly journal that seeks to advance and support the understanding of both practitioners and academics in the HR field.

The HR Director: The HR Director is an independent strategic publication in the HR field.

Human Resources Research Institute: The Human Resources Research Institute is a faculty/exuctive partnership program from the University of Minnesota.

The research partnership is comprised of faculty from the Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies and major industry executives, these esteemed members of the HR community strive to produce quality, relevant research for the advancement of the industry.HRM The Journal: HRM The Journal was started by Dr. Welbourne with the goal of facilitating the dissemination of collaborative research about people at work and what management techniques are the most effective.Human Resource Management: Human Resource Management is one of the premier journals in the business bridging research and practice and features thought provoking articles on innovative strategies and methods for the human resources management profession.The Magazine is devoted to keeping HR directors and senior managers informed on advancements within the field.International Journal of Human Resource Studies: The International Journal of Human Resource Studies is a quarterly, internationally refereed journal published with the aim of promoting new techniques and enhancing current techniques and methodologies within the HR industry.HR Bartender: HR Bartender is the blog of Sharlyn Lauby, an HR professional turned consultant.Sharlyn shares her insights on HR, but also on the workplace in general, and how to create the sort of culture necessary for a company’s success.Workforce Magazine: Workforce Magazine is a monthly publication devoted to sharing the most successful and innovative HR trends and tools you need to benefit your business.HR Magazine: HR Magazine is a publication of the Society for Human Resource Management and strives to be a quality resource for HR employees of all levels.North American Human Resource Management Association: The North American Human Resource Management Association represents over 300,000 HR managers and the interests of the profession as a whole while also providing support and resources such as professional development programs.National Human Resources Association : The National Human Resources Association was originally founded to support its members and advance the field of human resources and HR professionals by providing members with professional networking and career development opportunities.


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