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Illegal immigration is an issue that has been around for years, but never has it had such an impact on American society.In recent years, record numbers of illegal immigrants, most specifically those from Mexico, have entered the United States and stayed here for good.Race will no longer be a Black-and-White issue and further in the future we can expect that Whites will be considered a minority.

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Some employers are keen to tap on cheap labor provided by the illegal immigrants at the expense of the locals.

In conclusion, illegal immigration can take both the positive and negative dimension in terms of its consequences.

Given that illegal immigrants need basic supplies like food, health services and shelter, their influx is likely to stretch the available resources.

In some cases, this may end up creating a conflict between the host communities and the illegal immigrants.

The estimates presented here were derived by CMS based on information collected in the Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey (ACS).

The procedures used to derive detailed estimates of the undocumented population are described in Warren (2014).

One of the main reasons illegal immigration exists today is because those crossing borders want a better job and opportunity, two things that Mexico doesn�t offer its citizens.

The pay is better in here as well as the opportunity to find a job.

While the president has focused the nation’s attention on the border wall, [1] US undocumented residents from Mexico left[2] the undocumented population in 2016 alone, more than three times the number that arrived that year, leading to an overall decrease of nearly 400,000 undocumented residents from Mexico from 2016 to 2017.

From 2010 to 2017, the undocumented population from Mexico fell by a remarkable 1.3 million.


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