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She asks Rabbit to go get their car, pick up their son, Nelson, and get her some cigarettes.This string of errands weighs on Rabbit, who feels trapped and bored in his job, his marriage, and his life.

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Her mother is coming to visit her, and she tries to give the new baby a bath before the visit, but she is so drunk that she unintentionally lets the baby drown in the bath.

Rabbit, horrified and guilt-stricken over his child's death, goes back to Janice, feeling that the death is his fault: if he had not left Janice, it would never have happened.

Rabbit goes to church but only because he has seen Eccles's wife who is pretty and who flirts with him, and he's interested in her.

That night, Janice pushes him away, and he leaves, wandering around town and looking for Ruth.

There is a relative lack of playfulness and experimentalism in the lists of the increasingly corporate publishers.""Although a character like Rabbit Angstrom and I don't have the same sociological circumstances, a lot of my thoughts go into his brain," Updike told Rogers. He told Rogers, "There's obviously a time when you should hang it up, but I don't feel I'm there yet.

I still have things I'm trying to do, and I still get pleasure out of the challenge."As Rabbit, Run opens, twenty-six-year-old former high school basketball star Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom is on his way home from his unfulfilling job as a demonstrator of a kitchen gadget, the Magi Peel vegetable peeler.

He sees his son through the window of his inlaws' house and decides to leave him in their care.

On impulse, he gets in the car and starts driving south, away from his old life.

But, she writes, "What redeems Rabbit is that, inside his brutish exterior, he is tender, feminine, and empathetic."Set in Brewer, Pennsylvania, a fictional counterpart of the real-life city of Reading, Rabbit, Run examines the experiences of a young man who is trapped in an unfulfilling life and his equally unfulfilling attempts to leave his family and find a new life.

When the book was first published, it shocked many readers with its explicit descriptions of sexuality, and according to Robert Detweiler in John Updike, some reviewers even speculated that Updike wrote a scandalous novel on purpose to capture the attention of the reading public.


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