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But since these new members were to be received into a living community of Faith, the entire community was called to preparation.Also, this was the time when those who had been separated from the Church would prepare to rejoin the community.

But since these new members were to be received into a living community of Faith, the entire community was called to preparation.

This season of the year is equal only to the Season of Advent in importance in the Christian year, and is part of the second major grouping of Christian festivals and sacred time that includes Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost.

Lent has traditionally been marked by penitential prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

Today, Lent is marked by a time of prayer and preparation to celebrate Easter.

Since Sundays celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the six Sundays that occur during Lent are not counted as part of the 40 days of Lent, and are referred to as the Sundays in Lent.

R., calls this latest work the evening offering of his life. The author’s impressive scholarship and keen theological insights bring to light both the historical realities of Jesus’ death and the many and profound ways in which the cross has been received in the hearts and minds of those who profess Jesus’ name.

This book was written to help you understand the many theological and artistic elements of Mel Gibson’s film. A commentary on all the major biblical texts dealing with the Spirit. In the end, he dares readers to grapple with the meaning of Jesus’ life, teaching, death and resurrection. For more information and to order click on title below. Reflecting on the Mass readings for the season the author comments on the biblical texts and his applications to the present situation offer an opportunity to appreciate the thrust of the liturgical season immediately after Easter and to prepare ourselves for an intensified gift of the Spirit at Pentecost. Faithful to the teaching of Scripture and the tradition of the Church Bishop Sesboue’ details the principal elements of the Christian faith in the resurrection of the body and eternal life. Although taken from cycles A, B, and C they make for good Lenten reading. Designed for personal and/or group use this work includes a scriptural narrative followed by commentary, prayer and reflection for each day.Some churches today still observe a rigid schedule of fasting on certain days during Lent, especially the giving up of meat, alcohol, sweets, and other types of food.Other traditions do not place as great an emphasis on fasting, but focus on charitable deeds, especially helping those in physical need with food and clothing, or simply the giving of money to charities.It not only prefigures the mourning at the death of Jesus, but also places the worshipper in a position to realize the consequences of sin. Ash Wednesday is a somber day of reflection on what needs to change in our lives if we are to be fully Christian.In the early church, ashes were not offered to everyone but were only used to mark the forehead of worshippers who had made public confession of sin and sought to be restored to the fellowship of the community at the Easter celebration.Many Christians’ discomfort with Lent originates with a distaste for Mardi Gras.In some cultures, especially the Portuguese culture of Brazil, the French culture of Louisiana, and some of the Caribbean cultures such as Trinidad, it has tended to take on the excesses of wild and drunken revelry.Originating in the fourth century of the church, the season of Lent spans 40 weekdays beginning on Ash Wednesday and climaxing during Holy Week with Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday), Good Friday, and concluding Saturday before Easter.Originally, Lent was the time of preparation for those who were to be baptized, a time of concentrated study and prayer before their baptism at the Easter Vigil, the celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord early on Easter Sunday.However, over the years others began to show their humility and identification with the penitents by asking that they, too, be marked as sinners.Finally, the imposition of ashes was extended to the whole congregation in services similar to those that are now observed in many Christian churches on Ash Wednesday.


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