Long Division Problem Solving

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With the long division calculator you can easily check out whether the answers of your math problems are correct. Just put the divisor in the left input field and the dividend in the right input field and click on the button "calculate long division".

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To find how many cookies did Mark put in each packet, divide the total number of cookies by the number of packs. Nancy needs 5 lemons to make a glass of orange juice.

We get, divide 108 by 12108 ÷ 12 = 9Therefore, there are 9 seats in each row. We get, divide 63 by 963 ÷ 9 = 7Therefore, Tom gives 7 apples to each of his friends. Mark baked 195 cookies and divided them equally into 13 packs. Solution: Total number of cookies = 195There are 13 packs.

So, the whole number needs to be divided: How many times can 4 go into 38 without going over?

(Feel free to use your multiplication chart for help.) The answer is 9: So in this case, each wall would have 9 blocks and there would be 2 left over.

This lesson will show the process for completing long division equations, which involves division, multiplication, and subtraction.

We'll look at equations with and without remainders and equations, then test your knowledge with a short quiz.

Let's look at an example, and you'll see the steps are mostly the same.

Say that Alex wants to make 4 walls from 38 blocks: When trying to divide the first digit in the dividend, you will notice that it is smaller than the divisor.


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