Lord Of The Flies Character Symbolism Essay

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This means that now Simon has to prove to the boys what he suspects the Beast to be.

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Unfortunately, Simon fails to successfully use spiritual power to keep the boys from worrying about the beast.

One of the initial problems Simon has is his shyness and stage-fright at the assemblies while trying to tell the boys about the beast.

In William Golding's Lord of the Flies, the prophet is a peaceful lad, Simon.

He alone saw that the jungle The title of the book is Lord of the flies the author is a British novelist named William Golding a British he wrote the book during WWII.

Simon says that he wishes he could “stand up and speak to an assembly…

without that dreadful feeling of the pressure of personality.” (Golding 103) When Simon fails to properly explain his thoughts on the beast to the boys, he loses any chance he had of them really listening to him.Ralph is one of the primary characters in the novel.When he first arrives on the island we see his initial excitement as he stands on his head in a childish nature, the author uses this to foreshadow the upcoming chaotic events that will appear later in the novel.What Golding aimed to do was explore the dark side of humanity and at what point would we look at each other as enemies.The main characters in the book that stood out the most were Ralph, Jack, Simon, Piggy, Samneric and Rodger.He even takes care of the little ones that nobody really seems to care about.He “found for them the fruit they could not reach, pulled off the choicest from up in the foliage, passed them back down to the endless, outstretched hands” (Golding 138) Even knowing that the other boys think that he’s wacky he still tries to save them because he really cares and he wants them to realize what they are doing before it is too late.Simon uses spiritual power by finding out what the beast see what the beast really is.After Simon “[becomes] inarticulate in his effort to express mankind’s essential illness.” (Golding 89) to the other boys, he knows that they will not believe him if he just simply tells them about the Beast, so he knows that the only way they will believe him is if he finds proof.Jack, a selfish character with the lust for power, seemed to be a supporter of the Lord of the Flies.He uses the "beast" to score the children and come to The novel "Lord of the Flies", written by William Golding in 1954, is a breathtakingly accurate account of what can happen to human morality when all rules and civilization are removed.


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