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The awareness regarding marketing essentials is too high in the current market scenario around the world.This assignment is based over a mini case study which depicts a business organization named Coconut Bliss, which is situated at Eugene, Ore.

The marketing functions are separate entities in business organization but every department and function in an organization I linked together for increasing the profitability of the company.

The main function of marketing is to increase the profitability by increasing the sales of the company, thus it can be achieved with the participation of all the departments of the organization simultaneously.

Secondly, it compares the ways of application of marketing mix in the company to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Also, this assignment develops and evaluates the basic marketing plan for Coconut Bliss (Howell, 2015).

This report focuses over the marketing essentials in business organizations which belong to modern era of globalisation.

It depicts the roles of marketing initially with the roles of marketing functions and their interrelations with the other functions of business organization.

The interrelationship between marketing functions and other organizational functions can be explained as, the marketing functions are part of a business organization and thus other departments and functional units are connected with each other.

This can be explained as marketing functions are needed to back up by the other operational departments of the company as well to perform effectively.

The finance department provides appropriate budget to the marketing department for the planning and implementation of marketing plan.

Production department communicates with logistics department to fulfil the demand and supply of product and services.


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