Marxist View Of Education Essay

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Their critique of capitalism originally led Social Democrats to propose the expansion of the Welfare State, the use of the taxation system to reduce economic inequality and the nationalisation of major industries although this latter policy has been discarded by Labour under Tony Blair.

With regard to Education, Social Democrats argue that increases in government spending on education, education policies targeted especially on disadvantaged children and training policies to improve workers' skills can in principle improve the average educational level in society, reduce social class, gender and ethnic inequalities of educational opportunity and thereby increase educational meritocracy.

Social Democracy has provided the main theoretical basis for Labour Party policy.

Social democrats have traditionally believed that unregulated capitalism would result in inequality of income, wealth and power and the absence of meritocracy but that the reform rather than the abolition of capitalism provides the most realistic basis for improved average living standards and greater economic equality.

yeah same as above, my sociology teacher called it the 'mug and jug' analogy.

marxist theorists assume that pupils are as passive as 'mugs' they just take in anything thats poured into them by the 'jug'.

Functionalist sociologists such as Talcott Parsons recognised that relationships between formal education systems and the economy were important for several reasons.2.

If economies are to be efficient it is desirable that individuals are allocated to their economic roles on the basis of their own individual merits and Parsons argued that the formal education system in the USA of the 1950s was indeed organised on meritocratic principles and used complex systems of assessment, schools and colleges to evaluate fairly the talents, strengths and weaknesses of their students .

A key issue raised is that in countries such as India and China increasing numbers of highly skilled graduates are being educated who nevertheless continue to earn salaries considerably lower than those earned by comparable workers in the "developed world.".

We have already seen relatively unskilled jobs relocated to the "third World" leading to fewer unskilled jobs in the developed world.


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