Master Thesis Defending

If the Committee feels that, although the student has demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the field, it is not quite sufficient to justify a grade of “pass”, the committee may assign the grade of “Conditional Pass” and require that the student meet additional conditions before a grade of “Pass” is awarded.The student must meet the conditions noted on the Conditional Pass by the end of the subsequent term.The word ‘thesis’ is used throughout this section to refer to both the master’s and doctoral level.

It documents the findings of the research, and it is to be discussed and defended under competent third party scrutiny.

Schedule your defense as early as you can, but at least several days before the final deadline.

Please refer back to the Last Things First: About Deadlines section on the ETD landing page.

Be sure to check the Current Student Deadlines chart for more information.

Be aware that scheduling your defense on, very near or after the deadline will leave you little or no time to make committee-required revisions to your manuscript and will likely result in delaying your graduation.


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