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If for one or more of these components this is not the case, the maximum score will be 9/20.

Four quotes are given: one by the promotor, one of each of the two readers and one for the defense.

The relative weight of these four quotations is 10:3:3:4.

A student can only take the master's thesis in his/her ISP if he/she holds a bachelor diploma and has to acquire a maximum of 72 study points in order to obtain the master's diploma.

This list will be completed after the third exam period (aug/sept 2017).

Each quotation is determined by means of the facultary assessment roster and appreciation scale.

Additional informtion on the evaluation of the master's thesis is to be found on the faculty website.Dutch Workflow and evaluation Every master's student is confronted with it: the master's thesis.Also as a supervisor or mentor it is not always simple to know what is expected of you.Besides a solid, all-round education in mathematics, the two-year programme (120 ECTS) offers you the possibility to focus on either pure or applied mathematics.This allows you to acquire both breadth of knowledge and depth in your own areas of interest.It may be possible that in that case the choice of the topic lapses and that a new topic must be chosen.Reasons for the cancellation of the topic may be because: The evaluation consists of the assessment of both process and product (form and content; manuscript and defense).Pure and applied mathematics courses are firmly grounded in the core research activities of the Department of Mathematics.Gradually, you will gain experience and autonomy in learning how to cope with new concepts, higher levels of abstraction, new techniques, new applications, and new results.Some Master Theses contain confidential information. A master's thesis can be placed under embargo after a request of the student.To graduate in January students must submit a request to the Faculty.


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