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On their own, underwear, razors, and condoms might not be terribly exciting, but appeal to men’s desire to build something and you’re onto a winning strategy.By combining imagery that might otherwise be stereotypical (a man in a plaid shirt sawing timber) with strong phrasing (“Build a Manpack”), this company makes putting a male grooming gift box together sound as exciting as building a house – or a log cabin in the woods.

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From the style and tone of its website copy to its minimal, approachable design, Basecamp intends to simplify life for project managers everywhere.

Basecamp’s call to action is another variation of a tried-and-true CTA – the free trial – but features some subtle, and effective, differences: Basecamp’s CTA is effective because it simultaneously reinforces the risk-free nature of the free trial while using casually persuasive language.

Between the minimal form (just three fields), the strong indicator of potential benefit (“Start accepting credit cards today”) and the great offer (the free Square card reader), this landing page/CTA combo is a winner.

Everything about project management software platform Basecamp is designed with ease in mind.

Getting prospective customers to do what you want them to do can be like herding cats.

They abandon shopping carts before checking out, they don’t sign up for your beautifully written newsletter, and they don’t even have the common courtesy to read your blog posts all the way to the end. To get your prospects to do what you want, all you have to do is include a compelling call to action on your website and in your marketing campaigns. Well, actually, call to action marketing is harder than it sounds.

This is why our fifth kick-ass call to action example, from Less Accounting, really shines.

This landing page makes use of a muted color palette to evoke calming emotions, but the CTA is what sets this example apart.

Overall, a great example of a kick-ass call to action.

Offering something your prospects really want is a great way to increase conversions.


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