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Jones, accepted a position on Grounds after 12 years at the University of Pittsburgh.

“We all sort of went to college together,” Jones says with a laugh.

is the fourth book by Jones, who traces his start as a writer to his days as an undergrad at UVA.

A native of suburban Pittsburgh, Jones chose the University when his father, political science professor Charles O.

“I’m not sure I set out intending that, but when I look back over the stories that I’ve published, I’ll bet in 70 percent of the cases it’s the most important story in that person’s life.” So enthralled is the column’s following that the term “modern love” is often the most searched term on on weekends, and one 2006 installment became the most e-mailed article in history (“What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage”).

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Amid reports of wars and deficits and political campaigns in the , the “Shamu” piece was “a human story—a human voice within this gush of objective voices of news of the world,” says its writer, Amy Sutherland.It has even been used as a plot point in Netflix’s .“In my mind I have not been mastering love all these years so much as marinating in it,” he writes.But for many, love is more about finding a right-ish person and then trying to figure out if what the two of you have together is enough or not.There seem to be, in short, two kinds of love—the kind you can’t deny and the kind you eventually come around to.But many “Modern Love” contributors—whether examining the twists and turns of a romantic relationship or revealing a complicated and heart-wrenching tale involving open adoption, domestic abuse or even the death of a child, spouse or parent—seem to be seeking, above all, catharsis through their words.“Often what gets published is the most important story in that person’s life,” says Jones, 51.He admits feeling a bit lost when he arrived in 1981.“I had no idea what I wanted to do when I went to college, and floundered for probably two years,” he says.“It was the combination of surprising advice combined with a topic that could not be more universal,” Jones says.“I hear more about the frustrations of midlife marriage than any other topic, and that’s sort of being simultaneously bored and irritated by your partner’s habits and deficiencies.


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