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Ibrahim, Duke University Optimization of Trustworthy Biomolecular Quantitative Analysis Using Cyber-Physical Microfluidic Platforms Lab-on-a-chip systems (Lo Cs), often referred to as microfluidic biochips, are revolutionizing many biochemical analysis procedures such as clinical diagnostics and DNA sequencing.Biochips offer the advantages of miniaturization, simple instrumentation, dynamic reconfigurability, and ease of integration with other technologies.

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Investigators within the BMB Track employ human disease specimens and an array of model systems including mice, zebrafish, drosophila and yeast in their studies.

As a student, you begin the program by discussing your career goals and research interests with track leadership in order to begin tailoring your individual educational trajectory.

Despite advances in research, the adoption of biochips in molecular biology has been slow.

Recent studies suggest that state-of-the-art design techniques of microfluidics have two major drawbacks: (1) current Lo Cs were only optimized as auxiliary components and are only suitable for sample-limited analyses; therefore, they cannot cope with the requirements of contemporary molecular biology applications; (2) the integrity of these automated Lo Cs and their biochemical operations is still an open question, since no protection schemes were developed against adversarial contamination or result-manipulation attacks.

The policy implications of this dissertation are twofold.

First, the binary treatment of native-born workers against immigrants is misguided because immigration intersects with other sources of inequality.No door or opportunity was ever closed to me if I was willing to put in the effort.The BMB Track offers a broad range of research opportunities in laboratories supported by state-of-the-art core facilities.The rapid evolution of biochip technologies opens up opportunities for new biological or chemical science that can be directly facilitated by microfluidics control.For example, automated Lo Cs have been commercialized to enable automated syndromic testing that can be performed at the patient’s bedside.Subsequent to this discussion, you’ll select a minimum of three laboratories in which to perform eight- to 10-week rotations.You’ll spend a minimum of 20 hours each week in these rotations and use these experiences to select a thesis mentor.It’s very empowering to know that your thesis mentor, thesis committee, and even the administration (all the way up to the dean!) are all willing to do whatever they can to provide you with the absolute best training experience.Secondly, the continued reliance on the market-based care, as opposed to publicly provided care, increases the labor market vulnerability of some native-born workers.Molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics are fundamental approaches implemented at the forefront of scientific discovery, leading the way toward understanding the molecular mechanisms of diseases.


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