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Examples of the changes in Beatrice are, when she over hears Hero, Ursula and Margaret talking about Benedick and how he is in love with Beatrice.Beatrice hearing all of this says ” Benedick, love on; I will requite thee.” This means that if Benedick keeps on loving her, she to will love him back.

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This shows that Benedick is trying to show himself to have feelings for Beatrice.

Benedick finally conquers his doubts and declares to Beatrice, ” I do love nothing in the world so well as you.” This is a break through in the development in their change of attitude and relationship with/to each other.

When Leonato says to Beatrice “I hope to see you one day fitted with a husband” meaning I hope to see you married, she replies “no uncle, I’ll none” which means she wont marry at all.

The attitudes towards each other are mutual, they don’t really like each other.

Benedick confident says to Beatrice in front of everybody ” do not you love me?

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” Beatrice replies ” why no, no more than reason” this shows that Beatrice is to proud and wont go back on her words in front of everybody.

“She speaks poniards” is an insult because it means she speaks daggers, she can not speak without offending who ever she is speaking too.

” I would not marry her” is an insult because he is saying that she is odious and because of this he would not marry her.

The text reads that their relationship is erratic and they are both the same person so in my opinion I think that their relationship is still going to be the same and if they get married they will probably argue a lot.

In Much Ado About Nothing, most of the characters had interesting relationships with each other.


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