My American Dream Essay

And let that page come out of you-- Then, it will be true.--Langston Hughes Theme for English B I was born on October 8, 1997, to my parents Jorge and Gabriela.And if you are looking to become a good, virtuous person, I suggest coming to live with my family.

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He and I became, and always have been, the best of frienemies.

My perfect family of four lived happy, ordinary lives for seven years, then came a little surprise by the name of Diego Emmanuel.

Ever since then, and since finding out that my cross country coach, Mr.

Haffner, was himself an Evans scholar at Northwestern, it's become my dream.

I will not name that school, because the next thing I'm going to do is to say how much I hated it there.

In sixth grade, my mother decided to try and homeschool my brother and I.It was a bad year, but it was the year that I (at the risk of sounding cliché) found myself.In seventh grade, I entered a private school, and I ended up graduating from there. I adopted my ten other classmates as siblings, and they raised me as one of their own. I pictured competitive nerds whose social life consisted of study groups and chess matches.There is just one more event in my life which I must mention because it is shaping my future incredibly.This past summer, I was offered the chance to be a part of the Western Golf Association's Caddie Academy.Two years later there was a new addition to the family, Julian Esai.I believe that was when I gave up on having a sister. I am a bit of a diva by nature, but as you can imagine, growing up with nothing but males in the family, I became a tomboy, too.Being a part of the Academy has given me a huge advantage over other future applicants, because I personally know so many WGA directors.I've gone to barbecues at their office, played whiffle ball at their houses, met their families.Not but a year later, another little minion appeared, by the name of Pablo Alejandro.I was given the privilege of naming him, to make up for the disappointment of receiving yet another brother.


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