Negative Effect Of Globalization Essay

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The origin of globalization is however a matter of dispute between historians and modern economist.

The origin of globalization is however a matter of dispute between historians and modern economist.

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As a result, the local and traditional meals are being snubbed.

Particularly, in the country of the Philippines where birthdays and fiestas are constantly celebrated.

Overall, globalization has affected the culture and ethnic diversity of a country negatively.

Furthermore, the drawbacks outweigh the advantages. Band Score: 6-6.5 (Before the revision)(Please feel free to correct and criticize my grammar, I need it babdly.

Unprecedented advancements in transport and communication technologies have added to the growth of globalization.

Primarily, globalization is a commercial activity which also integrates different cultures and societies through trade and commerce.Thereby, in the countries of China and Iran, their government mandated to block numerous social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.Hence, globalization tends to have tremendous effects in local and traditional clothing.It is the expansion of various businesses to the global markets throughout the world.It requires huge international investment to develop large multinational corporations for the worldwide economic integration.Most Filipinos prepare pancit and lechon as a traditional meal but in today’s generation, spaghetti and fried chicken are the main favorites.Thus, the traditional cuisines of a certain country are suffering.In my view, I agree with the notion that local traditions are being devalued by this modernization.The modernization of globalization can directly affect the cultural diversity of a country.For example, the insurmountable influence of the internet and other social media affect the cultural views and belief of locals.Thus, the easy access to the internet allows people to connect and network with other countries and be exposed to their cultures.


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