Non Performing Assets Research Paper

Non Performing Assets Research Paper-75
It evaluates and reviews the policies and practices of scheduled commercial banks (SCBs) in terms of NPA management.It studies the causes of NPAs, such as ownership structure, credit terms, conditions and covenants, nature of loans, kind of borrowers, bank management practices and business cycles.

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Commercial bank credit as percent of GDP picked up steadily from 24 per cent in 2001 to 55 percent by 2017 [2] .

The ratio of bank deposits also grew from 44 per cent to 68 per cent during the same period.

Risk management in banking industry has became an important issue since the 2009 global financial crisis (Joel) [1] .

Overview of Indian Banking Industry The present Indian banking structure comprises 84 scheduled commercial banks (SCBs) consisting of 21 public sector banks (PSBs), 20 private sector banks (PVBs) and 43 foreign banks (FBs).

In this connection bank must aware of the problems and recovery legislations of NPAs.

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Compared to Private Sector Banks and Foreign banks, Public Sector Banks (PSBs) are highly affected by this three letter virus NPA, because whose objectives have been more social than economic.Most of the banks in public and private sectors are listed on the stock exchanges and are actively trading at the stock exchanges.The performance and strength of the banking structure improved perceptibly during last three decades. Moreover the non–performance or non–receipt of interest and principal blocked banks money in the form of funds and is not available for further use of banking business and thus the profit margin of the banks goes down. The earning capacity and profitability of the banks are highly affected because of the existence of NPAs. The banks in India are facing the problem of Non–Performing Assets (NPAs). Sudha In the liberalized economy, Banking and Financial sector get high priority.The global financial crisis has created capital management crises and problems in most of the financial institutions and banks.The crisis turned out to be a major financial crisis in 2009 with a series of bank failures, mergers, losses and unprecedented interventions of financial authorities in providing liquidity in the system and announced nationalization of major institutions.This paper analyzes the classification of loan assets in PSBs, composition of NPAs in different sectors and NPAs position in PSBs.In this study, it is observed that PSBs exercised stringent control measures to reduce the level of NPAs.


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