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The appropriate language department makes all decisions on placement and the awarding of credit.

The College of Arts and Sciences accepts only IB scores sent directly from IB North America.

We strongly encourage you to take an SAT II Subject Test for a foreign language. If you are unable to take the exam, then you must take the College's Foreign Language Placement Test before Summer Orientation for online Spanish, Italian, French and German Placement Exams and during Fall Orientation for all other languages.

The last testing date applicable towards credit at U. For specific foreign language placement and exemption available based on SAT Subject Test scores, consult the Foreign Language Placement Index.

Results will be available to students who take the test eight weeks after the test date.

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They consider it a quality of a good lawyer to be able to summarize and edit. (one regarding convictions, disbarment, expulsion etc)I did not realize u could submit an additional statement to show case your interest in NYU! The point is to be able to showcase your interest (professionally/ academically as well as personally) in these 500 words. U should check with the school once before submitting (in case u haven't submitted already). You need not worry if you didn't submit any additional statement.

Unless you are brilliant in many other aspects, I guess that this would be a deal breaker. Timothy - nyu director of admissions - himself: respect the word limit. if writing further about your interests in these optional statement were accepted then they might as well have increased their PS word limit, don't you think? An additional statement of diversity, if it makes you unique, is always encouraged by the admission board.

The College awards no credit for standard-level IB examinations.

Scores of 5, 6 or 7 on higher-level IB exams may qualify a student for advanced placement, introductory-level credit or exemption from the Foreign Language Requirement.


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