Ocr Religious Studies Coursework

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Thomas Storck says in the post I linked to from here, that: “Moral goodness and badness are simply that part of ontological goodness or badness which is more or less subject to our free choice.

And because our possession of intellect and will is what specifically distinguishes us from the other animals, who lack those endowments, the goodness or badness which depend upon our intellect and will mark out a human being as good or bad more clearly than any mere ontological deficits, deficits which have absolutely no moral aspect.

I'd try to pick 2 from the side I'm arguing, even if one is a really short one and 1 from the other side.

Having had a look at the questions which have come up in the last two years for both AS and A Level, I have arrived at a list of topics and sometimes questions for each area which could possibly come up.

As long as you're doing a ping-pong back and forth dialogue I don't think it matters too much how much content you stick in, they just want to see that you understand it and can create a clear argument.

If they said ‘religious language is meaningless’ discuss how would people go about this question?

We understand human nature by understanding human goods, BUT these goods do depend on the way we are.

We look to objects, act, capacities and therefore to nature.

‘Religious texts are best interpreted non-cognitively’ Discuss.

‘Aquinas view of religious language is no longer valuable’ Discuss. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on Ethics questions.


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