Online Gaming Essay

Students of late use computers and laptops for learning.

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The teenagers of today have fallen in the trap of online video gaming since it is addictive and can become more addictive if not properly taken care of.

The reason for this addiction is because the computer programmers have created the games in such a way that in each attempt to finish a certain level in the game, creates the desire to continue playing.

All this creates a sense of satisfaction and at the end one can spend a lot of time behind the computer just trying to finish a certain level.

However, these causes of online gaming have led to positive and negative effects.

The use of computer in almost every bit of life has been the major cause of the spread of online games.

Computer applications in various fields including learning centers equipped with internet are things that have been the root of online games.The government’s biggest fear is that the technology has outgrown the regulations.There are 15 Internet gambling sites in New Jersey.The gambling industry is estimated to gross around billion a year.Majority goes to the government in some form or another and one of the reasons people are starting to look toward the Internet is the fact that the companies can be based offshore and be free of taxes.Internet Gaming Internet gambling represents one of the fastest growing segments of online activities with hundreds of websites providing users the opportunity to place bets on anything, ranging from casino games to sporting events.Billions of dollars in bets are placed each day in online gambling.Online games were created in a way that each and every level has its own challenges to it is hard to proceed to the next level until one fully clinches to the top.Teenagers always desire to disapprove most things in life, and that is why they will play different games in order to finish the given levels.The use of computer is one of the causes of continuous gaming and later on forms an addictive behavior.The second cause of online games is desire to finish a given level.


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