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Maybe just one, come to think about it: the guy who's always trailblazed the path in navigating them.

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for more than a quarter century and has appeared on that paper’s op-ed page since 2001, often penning articles about the struggles of people in distant parts of the world.

He has even been dubbed the “moral conscience” of his generation of journalists.

The Replacement: Radley Balko of Reason Why: Well, this experiment has been embarrassing for all. How about a a young thinker of genuine conservative values?

As in, doubt in government's ability to solve societal problems, absolute opposition to unchecked powers of authority, and not a damn bit of concern for with whom America's adult citizens are sleeping or when.

Actual, relatable understandings of business and economics.

Friedman, like Dowd, is so tied up in his own celebrity and powerful friends that he's lost perspective as a writer and vital public opinion.A little housebreaking could make Greenwald the most important op-ed writer in America, which he already deserves to be.The Replacement: Samantha Power of The White House, Special Assistant to the President Why: We've got no real objection to Herbert.Stiller has helped us through tough times with his sage wisdom before, and really, America needs to laugh at itself sometimes.Even as we scream about how it’s all going to shit.The Replacement: Gail Collins and Nick Kristof Why: Kristof might be a snoozer sometimes, but intelligent things sometimes are. Collins is fun, entertaining, lively, lovely, and never not brilliant. The Replacement: Regina Schrambling, Freelance Journalist, Why: It may well be the case that eating local and organic will make the world a better place.Then again, it may be just another example of bullshit only the wealthy and privileged can afford to believe in.The Replacement: Bruce Bartlett, Reagan Administration, Bush Administration, various publications Why: What's that? Unlike Krugman, Bartlett has actually helped shape the global market (as a policy advisor in the Reagan White House), and he's that rare conservative who analyzes economic reality rather than preaching the GOP's economic religion. The Replacement: Jerry Stiller, Seinfeld Why: One good turn involving a wisdom-spouting old crank deserves another.Paul Krugman thinks everyone else is wrong, he's right, and the global economy will collapse if his warnings aren't heeded this very instant? Stiller also has a sense of humor, which almost nobody else at the New York Times can lay claim to as good laughs currently remain a more dangerous territory than journalist-hating governments over there.We don't have any real attachment, either, and eighteen years of erudite but run-of-the-mill progressive opinion is quite enough (apparently for him, too).Power would target foreign rather than domestic troubles spots, and she'd court something Herbert never does: controversy. And Nate Silver, the stat guru who got his start delivering fantasy baseball numbers and then went into politics (with a little Esquire along the way), does charts better than anyone else, including Charlie Blow. He already works for the Times, since they purchased Silver's site in 2010.


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