Othello Race Essay

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Othello is defensively proud of himself and his achievements, and especially proud of the honorable appearance he presents.

The allegations of Desdemona's affair hurt his pride even more than they inflame his vanity and jealousy; he wants to appear powerful, accomplished, and moral at every possible instance, and when this is almost denied to him, his wounded pride becomes especially powerful.

Most of them, unfortunately, trust in Iago's honesty; this leads to the downfall of many characters, as this trust in Iago's "honesty" became a crucial contributor to their undoing.

Discovering or uncovering reality would have changed the course of the play.

Othello's race sets him apart, and makes him very self-conscious; it makes him work hard and look carefully after his reputation, so he is regarded as equal to the white people that surround him.

This has perhaps led to his success, but the prejudice that surrounds him - especially with respect to his marriage to Desdemona - has tragic consequences.This chaos rushes him into tragedy, and once Othello has sunk into it, he is unable to stop his fate from taking him over.Othello's lack of self-knowledge makes him easy prey for Iago.The ruin of innocence is a key ingredient to tragedy, but one could interpret that Desdemona did not have to suffer her fate. Quintana Racial Background Effect in Othello During the Elizabethan times it was uncommon for black people to move out functions in dramas. He enjoys making pandemonium as all scoundrels do and will halt at nil to acquire what he wants. s account of the losing hankie implies that his female parent engaged in appeals that she acquired through other non-whites, in this instance an Egyptian. As Othello begins to abandon reason and language, chaos takes over.His world begins to be ruled by chaotic emotions and very shady allegations, with order pushed to the side.Desdemona is the embodiment of goodness in the play, as she has done no wrong and seeks only to love and to help her friends.However, she resigns herself to her death out of this goodness.By the end of the play, neither has won, as Desdemona and Emilia are both dead, and Iago revealed and punished.Othello is a tragic character, but one that is neither good nor evil.


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