Overcrowding In Prisons Essays

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The extensive disparity between the population of jailed individuals in America and other countries does not depict high crime rates in the U. was approximately 150 prisoners per 100, 000 citizens. Something must thus have happened to push the number of prisoners up.

S, as it is an example of the most secured nations. The growth in the number of prisoners is explainable through war on illegal drugs.

In 1980, 15 prisoners convicted of drugs were found in a group of 100, 000 citizens.

By 1996, the number of drug convicts had increased to148 prisoners per 100, 000 citizens.

It doesn't work for drug addicts, it doesn't work for alcoholics, it doesn't work for people who are mentally ill."The situation in Victoria is so severe that the state government has resorted to keeping prisoners in shipping containers, which it proudly unveiled to the media earlier this year.

The Victorian Government's change in policy can be traced back to the public outcry over the brutal murder of Jill Meagher in 2012, which sparked a tightening of parole, sentencing and bail laws."The Government took swift action, the community demanded the Government take swift action," Victorian Corrections Minister Ed O'Donoghue said."There is a cost to this, there's also a significant human cost to these crimes and the government is very focused - and I've met with many of the victims' families and I can look them in the eye about the reforms we are undertaking in the interests of community safety."But Ms Wheeler questions the costs."There's money being wasted that could be spent better on other things, including crime prevention which would make us all safer in the first place," she said."It costs about 0,000, when I last looked, to send someone to jail for a year.In San Quentin State Prison, there were 4,223 inmates yet its carrying capacity is 3,082 prisoners.The state government attributed the high number of prisoners in these two prisons to the high number of drug convicts.The Western Australian was considered a candidate for the High Court but she quit four years ago, in part because she had become disillusioned with a system that relied too heavily on jail."My concern about prison as a tool generally is that it doesn’t do what it's supposed to do, or it doesn’t do it well, or it does it at huge cost," she told 7.30."We assume it deters people from crimes - that is, that people think, 'I better not commit this crime because I might get three years.'""Deterrence works for people like you and me, who think about consequences and would not commit the offences anyway.The state government attributed the overcrowding to the increase in the number of drug convicts as they represented the highest number of convicts. It should target cartels while proffering rehabilitation assistances to the users and distributors.In conclusion, War on Drug as a campaign against the use, production, and distribution of illegal drugs has caused a rise in the number of people jailed in America.The average number of prisoners had increased in the late 1990s to over 600 convicts per 100, 000 citizens.Today, over a half of federal inmates in America are in jail on drug offenses. The high increase of the number of drug convicts has led to overcrowding in prisons. government thus has to change the direction of the campaign. It also makes some recommendations before its conclusion.However, she has the highest populations of prisoners that represent 25 percent of the world's jailed persons.


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