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Interest in an artificial waterway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the 19th century came from many directions.Alexander von Humboldt’s ideas on the subject were among the most influential, if for no other reason than for drawing attention to the question.Many conservatives worried about Roosevelt overextending his powers, and, on at least a few occasions, he was guilty thereof.

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The map published with Garella’s report, however, is remarkably detailed and clearly shows the route of his proposed canal.

, written in the 1840s and 1850s, was intended as a universal analysis of geography and natural science.

Robert Fitzroy was captain of HMS Beagle, the ship that carried young Charles Darwin on a voyage around the world in the early 1830s.

In 1850, Fitzroy compiled this report on what was considered one of the most important public questions of the day, “the union of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by a navigable channel through the great American Isthmus.” After studying the “illustrious” Humboldt’s earlier report, Fitzroy concluded that the best route was one shown at the very lower right of the map, in what today would be northwestern Colombia.

It expanded into an attempt to unify all the sciences, and it also was very popular.

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Although his travels never took him to Panama or Nicaragua, his views on the subject of a transcontinental route through those regions were highly regarded and served for many as the basis for further research on the subject. The United States took control of the canal property on May 4, 1904 and the Isthmian Canal Commission (ICC) was established to oversee construction. Army Corps of Engineers took over as chief engineer and saw to the Canal’s completion. Until 1939 Panama was a protectorate of the United States, but after World War II the relationship between them changed. On September 7, 1977 the Torrijos-Carter Treaties were signed, granting full Panamanian control over the Canal effective at noon on December 31, 1999. to build the Canal is estimated to have been 5,000,000, although in some ways the cost was much higher considering the thousands that died of diseases and accidents. still maintained authority, became more contentious, and by the 1970’s discussions began regarding control of the Canal Zone.The route goes from the Atlantic at the Gulf of Darien, up the Atrato River, and then by canal to Cupuica Bay on the Pacific side.The Panama route, the one where the canal ultimately was dug, was best only for a road, or possibly a railroad, Fitzroy concluded.Alexander von Humboldt included a long essay on the topic of a canal across Central America in his Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain.When he wrote it (in French) in 1811, he was relatively unknown, but by mid-century he was widely recognized for his scientific views and achievements.Although he had traveled and explored Spanish America for five years, he had never been to Panama.And neither had he been to Nicaragua, which he thought had the best option for a canal route.Every one of the proposed Isthmian canal routes shown on this map from 1907 was originally proposed by Humboldt in his 1811 treatise on the Kingdom of New Spain.At this point, American efforts at digging the canal route through Panama were progressing vigorously.


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