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They all had distinct personalities and generally felt like people that’d be fun to hang out with.This is what made their use in combat so potent, because not only did their unique characteristics carry over to battle, but the nature of the gameplay itself creates opportunities such that you’ll both help each other during dire moments.This mechanic ends up being tragically fitting when looking at that game’s successor.

This was supposedly influenced by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, whose major design philosophy is that the gameplay itself should be fun enough that a story would be inessential.

While this is an understandable position, it’s worth remembering what role character-fueled narratives fulfilled in RPGs to understand what happens when they’re removed.

Inevitably, the player will be put in a position where they must perform tasks that are intrinsically not fun (be it backtracking, grinding, or completing repetitive quests).

One way to avoid these pitfalls is to provide that sense of context found in narrative-rich games.

main gameplay hook involved swapping dimensions to show how different perspectives can yield two fundamentally different realities.

In the 2D view, a series of blocks surrounding a door would hinder your progress, while the 3D view reveals that the blocks are actually disjointed and you can easily slip through the cracks.While the omission of these contexts certainly takes away from the mood of the combat, this doesn’t necessarily doom the gameplay.Miyamoto’s principle does ring true for other games after all, and the Mario RPG series has always benefited by having a more active battle system than many of its peers.It mattered beating the Shadow Queen because she’s possessed Peach (who you’ve spent time with, and hence care for her well-being) and is threatening to destroy the world populated with all the colorful individuals you came across on your adventure. Apart from that Wiggler, every other character is just some boring colour variation of the same snarky and cowardly toad.What possible reason is there to care about getting to the end of ? She does nothing in the entire game and it’s not like this is the first time she’s been kidnapped… He doesn’t even have a line of dialogue, and isn’t exactly having much of a negative effect on the world. It’s not like they had any fellow party members to get attached to.The original began with the typical premise of Bowser ruining Mario and Peach’s love life, but then twists it by not only having the player fight Bowser at the beginning of the game, but actually end up losing to him.That moment is crucial because it suddenly changes what you expect to see in a Mario game, and prepares you for the weirdness the game throws at you.Yet in their attempt to innovate with their new sticker mechanic but hold on these RPG trappings, a fatal defect emerges.By tying into the amount of stickers collected with the amount of times you can attack in battle, you become hopelessly powerless without them.Done correctly, they can instill a sense of purpose in the player, lessen repetition thanks to varied character interactions, and give the players something meaningful to contemplate as they play through less exciting sections.Fortunately, the Mario RPG series has been generally quite reliable at telling engaging stories with an intriguing cast by taking the familiar staples of the mushroom kingdom and cleverly subverting them.


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