Personal Leadership Essay

You learn to do things the way they come naturally so you can be productive without being so busy. You manage your focus instead of your time, and your energy instead of your effort. You can still be committed to your work, but your commitment supports your personal life.You can still devote yourself to your personal interests, but your devotion is integrated with your work.

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In order to do that, you must periodically turn away from the concerns of the day — the people, the problems, and the pressure — to explore and discover your inner edge.”“To practice personal leadership, you apply the principles of leadership that make business a success … For example, leading in business involves having a compelling vision, developing strategies, and inspiring people to use their talents to meet a goal for improved business results.

Leading yourself means applying these same principles of leadership to your role as a leader and your life.

When you are overworked, overtaxed, and overtired, you burn out.

When you are rested, rewarded, and renewed, you excel. No matter what you do for a living, your work can be rewarding.

You don’t have to trade one for the other, and so you move from distress to de-stress.

Reconnecting with your sense of self does more than enliven your work. You see through the well-documented myth that money alone can buy happiness.Study after study show the importance of high-performance leadership in business.Engagement alone, just one results of personal leadership, accounts for an 18 percent advantage in earnings-per share for organizations over their competitors.Via The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership: “Personal leadership is your commitment to take the lead in your own life.You take the opportunity to design, create, and achieve your ideal ways of living and leading.Why should you consider practicing persona leadership.According to Jay, “personal leadership gives you a host of ways to do more, faster, and better.” Via The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership: You Are More Efficient and Productive. You experience quality work and quality time at once. Practicing personal leadership means you not only know what you do well, you know why you’re doing it in the first place. It’s your chance to contribute your talents to people and ideas in which you believe. One important aspect of personal leadership is the ability to connect, not separate, the different parts of your life.It makes for a better you.”“As a leader, you must learn to lead yourself to stay effective.When you practice personal leadership, you use every ounce of your potential with inspiration instead of perspiration, synergy instead of sacrifice, and wisdom instead of work.” What makes personal leadership different from other forms of leadership?In a positive, unselfish way, personal leadership means putting yourself first.Literally speaking, personal means ‘about you’; leadership means ‘coming first.’”“When you practice personal leadership, you lead from the inside out.


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