Persuasive Essay On Caffeine

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The central idea of the Informative Speech Caffeine Essay is to discuss the caffeine consumption by people, and especially the consumption of tea and coffee, in order to obtain energy and experience a range of side effects on their health.

The modern society got used to consuming products that contain caffeine almost every day.

It can be found in foods such as chocolate, cappuccino frozen yogurt and mocha cheesecake.

Surprisingly enough, it can also be found in beverages such as Sunkist Orange Soda, Mountain Dew and Jolt.

Thus, dopamine and caffeine are usually bounded together, not allowing the consumers to get rid of their hazardous addiction.

What is important, caffeine has the ability to neutralize the hazardous effects of cocaine and other drugs, providing significant help in drug intoxication cases.For sure, it is rich for oxidants and can prevent cancer and other diseases, increases concentration, and allows the human body to feel more energy.However, it is also important to remember that overconsumption of caffeine has a range of negative side effects that are serious enough as they are the reason that causes significant harm to human health in general.As a result, this person consumes a considerable amount of caffeine every day, causing a significant influence on the body and health.Throughout history, people believed in the positive effects of this stimulant.However, it is important to remember that coffee, tea, and some other products contain this stimulator in different amounts and it is necessary to consume them in a limited number.Effects of Caffeine Caffeine has been a hot topic in the medical community as of late.This is how the body processes are affected gradually.In addition, caffeine increase the levels of dopamine, or, in other words, makes people happy.Therefore, people who work hard including drivers, office workers, and others, tend to consume caffeine products like tea and coffee.It is possible to take for example the average office worker who usually has limited time to meet deadlines.


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