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Overwhelming majority of the population of the Third world countries lives by these standards.Citizens look for higher quality of life and better opportunities.

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Here you can find the same information but simpler for your understanding.Before starting the topic let’s begin our essay on poverty by defining the word “poverty”.If you look through different essays about poverty you can find almost identical definitions.Victims of these wars are citizens who suffer from plunder and violence.The most unprotected civilians are children, women and old people.More than half of students are unable to buy lunch at the canteen.One-third of families live with incomes below 60 percent of the average income in the country.That is why people use natural resources irrationally so it can run out completely.Most of developing countries are characterized by the low life level comparing as to developed countries so to a rich population of their own one.Absolute poverty is the life conditions that are typical of people who do not have the goods and possessions such as food, clothing, housing which are necessary for human existence. The main problem of it is the absence of elementary and even secondary schools there.Certain amount of poor people appears as a result of lack of education.


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