Power And Ambition Essay

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On the other hand, people without ambition ask very little of life and that is what they get, little or nothing.They have no dreams, no vision, no direction or clear intent and, therefore, they get nowhere.

Those who wish to be more, know more, do more, give more or have more, have a purpose and a powerful internal drive that leads them to dream bigger and go further.

Ambition drives them to advance and accomplish their goals.

Only in this way will be have the thriving, fair and equitable workplace--and world--that we all want and deserve!

The surprising thing is how different these messages can be. What I like about Boston (or rather Cambridge) is that the message there is: you should be smarter.

Ambitious people take charge of their destiny and don't expect others to bow down to their needs. They know where they are going and what they have to do to get there.

They are capable of changing and measuring up to their dreams, always watchful of the opportunities that are out there for those who are willing to see them and seize them.

The reason people there care about Larry and Sergey is not their wealth but the fact that they control Google, which affects practically everyone. Where you live should make at most a couple percent difference.

But if you look at the historical evidence, it seems to matter more than that.

Ambition is a major driver for personal growth and development.

No one can succeed without a healthy dose of ambition.


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