Practical Problem Solving Activities

Practical Problem Solving Activities-21
Part of the reason we end up with under-developed ideas is that we stick with the first good idea we have — rather than taking the time to explore complementary approaches.6-8-5 is designed to combat this pattern by forcing us to generate lots of ideas in a short period of time.But the 5-minute sketching sprint should always be done silently and independently.

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Before the meeting, prepare several sheets of paper with a 2×2 or 2×3 grid.

You want to create boxes big enough for players to sketch their ideas in, but small enough to constrain them to one idea per box.

As with fish in water, we go about our daily business without paying much attention to the language around us and how it influences us.

Information architect and author, Jorge Arango developed Semantic Environment Mapping years ago to make visible the everyday language through which we so naively swim.

It defines what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

Language is the bedrock of our cultures and societies.

This also works as a nice warm-up exercise to get people engaged with each other and thinking visually. Number of players Any number of people can play this game. How to play On paper or index cards, ask people to draw “How to make toast.” After a couple of minutes, ask people to share their diagrams with each other and discuss the similarities and differences.

Ask people to share any observations or insights they have about the various drawings.

It’s designed to keep players on task by limiting them to sketch in small boxes and work fast in a limited amount of time.

6-8-5 can be used on any product or concept that you want to brainstorm, and have the best results with a heterogenous group (people from product, marketing, engineering, design…).


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