Problem Solving Scenarios For Students

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Tell children that they will work together as a problem-solving team to solve a pre-bullying problem—a hurtful behavior (verbal, physical, or relational) that, if not stopped, may turn into bullying.

Give children an example of what a pre-bullying behavior might look like: Explain that when you’re faced with a problem, there are things you should tell yourself and there are things you should tell others.

Anything from arguing with another student, to hurting a friend’s feelings, to having a difficult conversation, or working with others.

Many of the “problems” children encounter are often small problems which the child may be over-reacting to, such as wanting a different coloring crayon or wanting to be first in line, however, these small problems are still very real to the child.

Make social problem-solving a game by telling the students that they are social detectives and that it is their job to use what they know about social rules to help them identify the possible and best solutions.

Start practicing today with 71 free social problem social task cards!

Social problem solving is the ability to change or adapt to undesirable situations that arise throughout our day.

On a daily basis, a child will encounter social problems that they will need to solve.

Bullying is different from other social problems children may face.

For example, while conflict may be solved through negotiation and compromise, bullying cannot because it involves a power imbalance—the bully has more power than the victim.


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